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Australian Weather Monitor Gold Edition


Weather Monitor Gold is here! Many new features/additions/fixes available

AWM comes complete with cloud cover maps, synoptic charts,  5 day forecast, weather radar, lightning tracker *, data logging, ability to create website reports, weather warning summaries, sounding (skew-t) access, tide charts and much more!


  • Sounding Analysis: This provides a brief rundown of a sounding (skew-t) chart to provide a nowcast/forecast of what MIGHT happen given the conditions on the sounding.
  • Storm Tracker: The most worked on feature in Weather Monitor yet.  The name is exactly as it says, it will allow you to actually track storm cells as they move across the BOM radar images, providing you with information on whether the storm is likely to be severe, the estimated distance from a location on the radar map, the speed at which the storm is travelling at and the approximate time it is likely to affect the location on the map. To use the storm tracker you must be using the BOM radar images and there must be storms that are registering the 2nd intensity of orange or greater on the radar level indicator for the 4 current radar images. The storm tracker on WM Gold is still the only storm tracker that's currently available that provides almost fully automated storm tracking technology. To set your location on the map simply right click and you will see the little red + change to the location you clicked.
  • 48/72 hour history download:  This feature will allow AWM Gold Edition to download the 48 or 72 hour weather history of the suburb you are using for the observations.
  • Additional Sounding Features: Extra features on the sounding (skew-t) charts which include functions to replot the temperature/dewpoint of the: lowest 50mb, maximum theoretical temperature, average dewpoint with maximum temperature, average dewpoint with maximum temperature and current dewpoint with maximum temperature.
  • Sounding Editor: Edit the sounding (skew-t) with this sounding editor.  This gives you more power to change the conditions on the sounding diagrams.
  • Radar loop of up to 50 images: Check out the radar activity of up to 150 minutes with the option to choose up to 15 radar frames to animate.
  • Archiving of radar images: never miss out on the radar images again whilst out on a storm chase.  This option will archive (save) the radar images when enabled.
  • "More Accurate" radar scanning option which helps prevent false echoes being detected for the radar scanner
  • Storms proximity warning option which warns you if storms are within a certain distance from your location on radar
  • Help and support system makes it easy to contact me for help, questions and bug fixes. WM Gold will also let you know when I reply to your message!
  • Wind Direction Graph generation/upload
  • Cloud Base Height Graph generation/upload
  • Simple view picture upload to website
  • Extra Aviation forecasts including MET/TAF, ATIS and TTF

Sounding Analysis Sounding Editor Storm Tracker Sounding Editor WM Support


Registration of AWM Gold Edition is only $20 and is a once off payment that will unlock all of the above features. To buy the program now, simply click the Paypal "Buy Now" button below and you will be directed to the secure Paypal website. Once payment is received an email will be sent which contains your serial number for AWM Gold Edition.

Please note that the registration process is NOT automated. I receive the email from Paypal and send you the serial number when I check my emails.

Click this link to purchase Weather Monitor Gold

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To register AWM Gold Edition, simply follow these instructions. Please note that ASWA members receive Australian Weather Monitor Gold FREE with their membership and should login to the ASWA website to claim the serial number.

  • Download AWM from the website here if you haven't already got it installed.  The program automatically updates itself to the latest version by default, so if you have AWM currently installed it should update to the latest version.
  • Install AWM and load it up.
  • Click on the Help menu and choose register
  • Enter in your First and Last name in the "Name" field exactly as it appears in the email
  • Enter your email address in the "Email" field.
  • Copy and paste the serial number from the email to the "Serial" field.  This serial number can only be used with your name and email address. If you try and register on another computer using the same serial number it will not register.  The reason for this is to help prevent software piracy.
  • Press the "Ok" button to unlock all of the above features!
  • Enjoy :)

* Lightning Tracker and Convective Outlook only available to Weatherzone Silver members.