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Australian Weather Monitor


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Weather Monitor Users: Due to commitments, Weather Monitor had been put on hold. Most of the observations and radars were not working due to the BOM doing a major overhaul of their website a few months ago. I will be doing work during the next few weeks to release a new version of Weather Monitor which will restore functionality once again.

What is Australian Weather Monitor?

Australian Weather Monitor is the most useful, easy to use program that combines all you will ever need to know about the weather into one easy to use interface.  It provides current observations, forecasts, charts, weather radar, soundings, tidal charts, weather warnings and much more at just the click of a button.  There are 2 versions of Australian Weather Monitor available, a free to use one which provides basic features such as observations, weather radar and soundings.  Weather Monitor Gold which is the payware version, provides the basic features, as well as archiving of data, my custom storm tracker, sounding editor, sounding analysis which provides a easy to understand version of what's going on with the sounding, downloading of BOM history from 48 or 72 hours, radar loop of up to 50 frames and extra Aviation tools.


There is more good news, coming very soon is Weather Monitor X which will replace Weather Monitor and Weather Monitor Gold (still free/payware versions) that will run on both PC and Mac OSX! The interface of the program has been completely revamped and is now even easier to use with more features (stay tuned for upcoming extras!)


Here's a sneak peak of the new WMX



How to use

After the program first loads, you will see Brisbane in the observations screen. To change this, simply choose the File menu and then select Options from it. From here you can change the state, suburb, radar and the forecast location which is displayed in the 5 day forecast. Other settings that can be changed are; auto liveupdate of Weather Monitor to the latest version, weather download interval, radar settings, BOM radar scanning for storms, and under advanced options, you can change; ftp upload options, proxy settings, weather icon settings and Weatherzone Silver login.


Loading Screen


After you have selected the options, you can choose many items to view such as the 24 hour/monthly graph plot, 5 day forecast or any of the weather charts which are accessable via the menu at the top of the main window. The 5 day forecast is provided from Yahoo and shows what the upcoming 5 days of weather is expected to be like. Planning a fishing trip? Weather Monitor has a tidal chart which is under the main menu as well which offers quick access to viewing the tides.


Main Window Main Window Expanded Options Screen Tide Chart


The AVN/GFS run is for users who use the NOMAD servers to plot the advanced model forecast data. Users have a choice of choosing whatever run they like or they can do an avn run which will download a whole heap of the most commonly used model runs. Of course, this is all changable so the user can add or remove any avn runs they like. Weather Monitor also includes the Boltware (BFTB) sounding editor which allows you to plot soundings as well as edit/create your own soundings! If there are any severe weather warnings, the tray icon will flash red and black to let you know there is a sever weather warning current. You can also let Weather Monitor tell you if there are any storms on the radar as well by going into options and playing with the radar scanner. You can change the sensitivity, intensity level and alarm mode.


Advanced Forecast Sounding Selector Weather Monitor Sounding


Weather Monitor allows users to access the Weatherzone Synoptic Charts, and if you have Weatherzone Silver, items such as the lightning tracker, convective outlook and commentry will also be available! All these options are packed into one easy to use interface. You can also view the weather radar which is accessible via the menu from the main window.


Synoptic Chart Cloud Cover Chart Lightning Tracker Convective Outlook


By default Weather Monitor downloads the weather conditions from the internet every 5 minutes which can be changed in the options. Also by default, Weather Monitor will automatically download the latest version of the program for you to ensure you are constantly being provided with the most up to date details. Weather Monitor supports running at system startup and will run in the tray as an icon. To show the main program, simply left click the icon and the main window will appear. The icon changes to the weather conditions also which is handy for a glimpse of what the weather is doing. To stop Weather Monitor running at startup, simply delete the shortcut from the "Startup" folder in the start menu called "Weather Monitor Startup".


5-Day Forecast


To download Weather Monitor, click here